The Veil


The Veil Storyline

Twenty-five years after members of a religious cult committed mass suicide, the lone survivor returns to the scene of the tragedy with a documentary crew in tow.

Thirty years after a charismatic cult leader convinced his followers to kill themselves, a survivor returns to the scene of the horror with a documentary crew.
Initial release: January 19, 2016
Budget: 4 million USD
Firstly, I agree with another reviewer, please try to not critically analyse a horror movie too much or there will never be a rating over 4.

Secondly, This is a very sound film, nervy, tense, suspenseful, with a good cast, script and production. It kept me relatively on the edge of my seat throughout the film. Yes it may have been a little predictable, but aren’t most films these days. As it happens i really enjoyed this horror movie, Jessica Alba is obviously the stand out, but pretty much the whole cast puts in a decent effort.

The movie plays like it is based on a true story, i don’t know whether or not this is the case, but the fact it plays like this adds to the scare factor. Usually the more fact based a horror is the more it can creep you out.

Anyway, its a good film, don’t be put off by the naysayers and give it a shot. I gave it an inflated 8, as its in a genre where there is so few half decent films about.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Jessica Alba Jessica Alba
Maggie Price
Lily Rabe Lily Rabe
Thomas Jane Thomas Jane
Jim Jacobs
Aleksa Palladino Aleksa Palladino
Karen Sweetzer
Shannon Woodward Shannon Woodward
Reid Scott Reid Scott
Lenny Jacobson Lenny Jacobson
Meegan Warner Meegan Warner
Jack De Sena Jack De Sena
David Sullivan David Sullivan
Amber Friendly Amber Friendly
Christopher Sweeney Christopher Sweeney
Blonde Man
Ivy George Ivy George
Little Sarah
Shane Roney Shane Roney
Sarah’s Brother
Kira McLean Kira McLean
Sarah’s Sister